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The following message was recieved from a friend and an urgent action is needed!

Besmellah Errahman Errahiem

Assalamu Alaykum

Dear All,

Take action NOW

Received this from a friend.

Action is needed!

A site in America On Line is being showing fake Quran Verses full of
sayings against Islam, The Prophet, and all of what we as Muslims
believe in. The site Is

I think that it is some extreme jew who have done this thing.

Please join me in this action campaign to make AOL stop this site.

1- Go to the following page in AOL, The page to write your feedback is:

2- Put the subject as "Boycott AOL".

3- Choose A comment on member's page.

4- Enter the following message:

"The Site:   which is hosted by your company, contains and on purpose material that is so hurting for every Muslim in the world (not less than one billion of humans all over the world, including the States). This site introduces some fake verses of the Holy Quran, which contain very rude words against Islam, The Prophet, and all what Muslims believe in. As a Muslim, I think if this site continued to appear on your server, you will be contributing in the same aggressive action. I will forward this message to the press and ask every Muslim to boycott AOL if this site continues to exist."

5- Click "send".

Please let's do this together. If you are a member of the media, please urge your readers to do something. If you think of a more effective way to do this, please let's know about it.

Thank you all

Ashraf M A